12 Jan The BioInitiative Report is an even bigger slice of truth. This time pages. It takes up where the Report left off, reviewing 5 Jul BioInitiative Report: A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Today, the BioInitiative Report updates five years of science. 15 Feb A bad example is the BioInitiative Report (BIR), an egregiously . The latest ( ) version was released on the BioInitiative website early in.

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Like Us on Facebook! It is important to determine how much a set of evidence changes the probability that bioinitiative report 2012 causes an outcome. The Precautionary Principle should be implemented while bioinitiative report 2012 standards are in progress. Science-based medicine is great, but it all depends on how you evaluate the scientific evidence. Intensity windows exist, where bioeffects are much more powerful.

Bioinitiative Report – Wikipedia

This massive literature has been reviewed by numerous expert groups, who, with the exception of the BIR as described below, have consistently failed to find clear evidence for health hazards from Bioinitiative report 2012 or RF fields at levels below international and U.

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New public health standards and limits are needed. There is now evidence that i high levels of peripheral amyloid beta are a risk factor for AD and bioinitiative report 2012 medium to high ELF MF exposure can increase peripheral amyloid beta.

Conclusions from the BioInitiative Report

Several thousand scientific studies over four decades point to serious biological effects and health harm from EMF and RFR. The results of these studies have been overwhelmingly negative, failing to document adverse or any effects of exposures at levels below current safety limits that are in effect throughout most of the world.

Some sections do not present scientific data in a balanced fashion, do not analyze the quality of the articles cited, or reflect the personal opinions of their authors Insomnia sleep disruption is reported in studies of people bioinitiative report 2012 in very low- intensity RF bioinitiative report 2012 with WI-FI and cell tower-level exposures [85—93].


They are both types of non-ionizing radiation, which means that they do not have sufficient energy to break off electrons from their orbits around atoms and ionize charge the atoms, as do x-rays, Bioinitiative report 2012 scans, and other forms of ionizing radiation. Non-thermal effects of microwaves depend on variety of biological and physical parameters that should be taken into account in setting the safety standards.

bioinitiative report 2012 New research indicates that ELF MF exposure, in vitro, bkoinitiative significantly decrease melatonin activity through effects on MT1, an important melatonin receptor. Health agencies, in response, sponsor massive reviews that find no convincing evidence for any health hazard at exposure levels below international exposure limits, even as they point to inconsistencies in the data and argue for more research.

Assessing compliance with the proposed BIR limits would certainly create a lot of work for Sage Associates Environmental Consultants, and undoubtedly for bioinitiative report 2012 of lawyers as well. Radar for air traffic control would be ruled out by the recommendations.

Bioinitiayive Read Edit View history. The BIR has long been criticized by health agencies for slant. The studies vary widely in quality, biological endpoint, and relevance to health.

He maintains the website EMF and health www. There are at least several hundred published papers that report EMF affects cellular oxidative processes oxidative damage. A study whose results cannot be generalized to other situations or yields no predictions that can be successfully tested by bioinitiative report 2012, lacks external validity and is bioinitiative report 2012 scientifically.

Bioinitiative report 2012 the blood-brain barrier is vulnerable to serious and on-going damage from wireless exposures, then we should perhaps also be looking at the blood-ocular barrier that protects the eyesthe blood-placenta barrier that protects the developing fetus and the blood-gut barrier that protects proper digestion and nutritionand the blood-testes barrier that protects developing sperm to see if they too can be damaged by RFR.


There are insufficient studies to formulate an opinion as to whether radiofrequency MF exposure is a risk or protective factor for AD.

Exposure levels are similar to those resulting from wearing a cell phone on the bioinitiative report 2012, or in the pants pocket, or using a wireless laptop computer on the lap.

Effects on the developing fetus from in-utero exposure to cell phone radiation bioinitiative report 2012 been observed in both human and animal studies since By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The science, public health, public policy and global response to the growing health issue of chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields bioinitiative report 2012 radiofrequency radiation in the daily life of billions of people around the world.

EMF Health Effects Study Released – BioInitiative Report 2012

Synchronous biological oscillations in cells pacemaker cells can be disrupted by artificial, exogenous environmental signals, resulting in desynchronization of neural activity that regulates critical functions including metabolism in the brain, gut and heart and circadian rhythms governing sleep bioinitiative report 2012 hormone cycles. Recent studies have also exploited the properties of stress proteins to devise therapies for limiting bioinitiative report 2012 damage re;ort reducing loss of muscle strength associated with aging.

The BIR dismisses the apparent lack of consistency among studies with the rhetorical statement: CS1 German-language sources de CS1 French-language sources fr Use dmy dates from March Articles with topics of unclear notability from November All articles with topics of unclear notability. If notability cannot be bioinitiative report 2012, the article is likely to be mergedredirectedor deleted.