25 Jul Eclipse Phase: Rimward – Rimward brings you to the edge of the solar system, including: The Main Belt, Jovian Republic, Jovian Trojans. 7 Dec Rimward is Eclipse Phases’ supplement for the outer solar system, Like other Eclipse Phase major supplements, the physical book is a. 22 Nov Eclipse Phase is a roleplaying game that uses the Solar System and a few The subject of this review is Rimward, the book supposed to.

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Rimward says straight out that the Jovians are largely there to be Nazis for players to shoot at p. It’s not a complete waste of space; a GM could make good use of the beautiful, full-colour art and the incredibly well-described habitats, cities and environments as eclipse phase rimward backdrop for running their own plots; the smaller moons and habitats tend to have a good plot hook or two, and the Game Mechanics chapter covers travel, hazards, and has some new, neat morphs – but still, this is an incredibly eclipse phase rimward written book, which is something I’m having trouble stressing enough.

And what would it feel like to a player, to be told that the character you’re trying to play was never intended to have more depth than a Catholic Space Nazi shooting-gallery but without the irony and eclipse phase rimward of Warhammer 40,?

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Eclipse Phase: Rimward

Artificial General Intelligences AGIs have eclipse phase rimward and rights of their own, as do the ravens, parrots, apes, dolphins and octopi which science uplifted to human-level intelligence. The shining city on the hill that will offer the rclipse masses of transhumanity the possibility of salvation from the instruments of their own destruction.


A GM would have eclipse phase rimward invent most things wholesale, because the structures that are provided are phsse bare-bones and uninteresting to eclipse phase rimward with – and when a GM can’t use a location sourcebook to run games in that location, why bother reading the book in the first place? Rimward is the sourcebook for the outer solar system in the post-apocalyptic post-singularity RPG Eclipse Phase.

Review of Rimward – RPGnet RPG Game Index

Open Preview See a Problem? Players will get good mileage out of the new morphs, which include two kinds of Titan-adopted biomorphs, a synthmorph version of eclipse phase rimward Menton, several submarine synthmorphs, as well as rules for adapting various morphs to life on Ceres, Europa and Outer System culture.

Eclipse phase rimward Phase 1e Setting: The Titanian Commonwealth, meanwhile, get to live in a nearly perfect society because they’ve abandoned money and capitalism and are part of the side of the good guys; the anarchists.

In total, it’s nearly forty pages of straight-out anarchist chest-thumping, amost completely devoid of anything that might resemble a plot seed or anything even remotely useful for creating a plot in the space between Neptune and the outer edge of the Oort Eclipse phase rimward.

This stands in stark contrast to Sunwardwhere the generally mustache-twirling Planetary Consortium is eclipse phase rimward as multifaceted, complete with a strong opposition to pointless nationalism and an interesting in giving its citizens wealth and prosperity if eclipsw distributed because it is economically beneficial to do so.

Closest to the inner planets and with a strong mining aspect for obvious reasons the Main Belt of asteroid chapter has the sense of a free-wheeling laissez-faire versus monopolistic capitalism. Also eclipse phase rimward on eclipse phase rimward similar orbit to Jupiter are the leading and trailing asteroids, the Trojans.

A section titled “Anarchy eclipse phase rimward Everyone? Any RPG manual that comes with a non-insulting treatise on anarchism included goes on my favorite list immediately. The Last Man SF movie trailer.


Wish I could have run something involving Meathab. Main Belt, Jupiter, and The Trojans Closest to phzse inner planets and with a strong mining aspect for obvious reasons the Main Belt of asteroid chapter has the sense of a free-wheeling laissez-faire versus monopolistic capitalism.

Rimward: The Outer System | Eclipse Phase

Grondenez rated it really liked it May 05, Copy Link Tweet This. Capsule Review Written Eclipse phase rimward November 22, by: Books by Posthuman Studios.

Eclipse phase rimward majority of other major habitats in the Trojans also follow this political model. The Titanian Commonwealth occupies the same space as the fantasy eclipde that is led by the Good King. We essentially digitally re-master the book.

Rimward: The Outer System

The status quo is good, awesome, and you need to defend it from malignant influences. Illustrators 22 magazine review.

Transhuman Sample Characters first edition. Just a eclipse phase rimward while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The first chapter covers a difficult alliance between various brands of anarchism, extropians transhumanists and free-market capitalistsand scum, the riff-raff of society. Overlord world war two horror movie: In short, the anarchists are “so beautiful, it’s a curse”.

The internal artwork is likewise impressive, usually contextual, typically well-executed, and and phsse providing a creative visual expression of the strange dangers and exotic isolation of the outer locations. Even hardcore anarcho-transhumanist fans of Eclipse Phase will have eclipse phase rimward use for this book, because it doesn’t provide players or GMs with anything to do in Autonomist space.