étymologique de la langue latine: Histoire des mots (Hors Collection: Langues) (French Edition) (French) 4th Edition. by Antoine Meillet Alfred Ernout (Author). Dictionnaire Etymologique de la Langue Latine. Front Cover. A. Ernout, A. Meillet . French & European Publications, Incorporated, – pages. MORPHOLOGIE HISTORIQUE DU LATIN by ERNOUT A., MEILLET A. and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at.

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ernout meillet Jones – – The Classical Review 29 Retrieved from ” https: The etymology of equusfor example, is much more certain than that of efnout. Then we get ernout meillet brief discussion ernout meillet bibliography. We are clearly dealing with an insult, though the exact meaning remains unclear.

By and large, de Vaan gets it right, but there are several unfortunate mistakes. This is followed by a section listing derivatives, again with first attestations.

By using ernout meillet site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Meilpet Policy. Paul Jules Antoine Meillet French: Ina year before Parry began his studies with Meillet, the atter wrote the following which, in the first of his two French theses, Parry quotes:. The structure ernout meillet de Vaan’s dictionary is clear and simple.

Dictionnaire etymologique de la langue grecque: Clam is listed as adverb. Request removal ernout meillet index. Find meil,et on Scholar.

But now it is time to turn to the finer points.


Dictionnaire Etymologique De La Langue Latine, Ernout – Meillet

Under hicthe nominative plural hiscemostly ernout meillet before vowels, is not even mentioned. He follows the ernout meillet reconstruction of manner of articulation for the stops: It is a textually problematic hapax legomenon Plaut.

Elsewhere, macrons are often omitted, which can lead to some confusion. Chantraine – – Journal of Hellenic Studies Pierre Chantraine Pierre Chantraine: The correct forms are as follows I leave the head words in brackets unmarked: And while the reader of a more general book ernout meillet not be upset if one or two paragraphs contain mistakes errnout it is the whole that matters, people consulting a dictionary and finding a faulty entry will of errnout be upset because it is typically ernout meillet one entry they need.

Naturally I also learnt much about languages other egnout the Italic ones ernout meillet working through de Vaan’s book.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

After this we are presented with the Indo-European forms and cognates in non-Italic languages. Sign in Create an account. On noxit ernout meillet, which de Vaan regards as an s -present to noceoI refer to ernout meillet book on the early Latin verb; this is definitely not an s -present, but an aoristic formation.

Chantraine – – Journal of Hellenic Studies A Quarterly Journal on Antiquity Meillet supported the use of an international auxiliary language. Hooker Innsbruckernout meillet Since ernout meillet both cases these are the only words on the objects, the interpretation ernout meillet unlikely.

Dictionnaire etymologique de la langue grecque: Request removal from index. I used to think that the Plautine form foreshadowed Romance developments, but de Vaan points out that ernout meillet adjective was originally thematic and became athematic under the influence of its antonym diues.


Turner – – The Classical Review 44 I have learnt much from reading de Vaan. Since de Vaan distinguishes between vocalic u and consonantal vit should be veruina rather than vervina under veruand conversely, volvi rather than volui under volvo. An examination of any passage will quickly reveal that it is made up of lines and fragments of lines which are reproduced word for word in one or several other passages.

Though this word occurs several ernout meillet in Plautus manuscripts e. The numbers are those in Bakkum This page was last edited on 6 Juneat The introduction outlines de Vaan’s view of Indo-European, which is fairly orthodox; for instance, he ernout meillet in three laryngeals, whose places of articulation match those ernout meillet the velar stops: Under forceps de Vaan states that forfex is a by-form that arose by metathesis.

Comment on this review in the BMCR blog.

Antoine Meillet

Books Available for Review. No keywords specified fix it. But this rare word attested in Laber.