Hikvision® Network Digital Video Recorder User’s Manual. This manual, as well as the software C H A P T E R 8 Camera Management. .. 4/8/ch synchronous playback. Backup File type includes Locked, Unlocked and All files. 5. User Manual of DS//SH Series DVR. 1. Hikvision® Network Digital Video Recorder User’s Manual . 4/8/ch synchronous playback. Backup. Hikvision® Network Digital Video Recorder User’s Manual. This manual, as well as the software Hikvision assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in the book. Except as .. Setting Camera Order.

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Click OK to finish the acitavting of the IP camera. The light of the button is fipetype when the corresponding channel is recording; it is red when the channel is in network transmission status; it is pink when the channel is recording and transmitting.

Dfr the Coaxitron protocol is selected, all the other parameters like the baud rate, data bit, stop bit, parity and flow control are not configurable. Press the Func key on the remote control and press the numbers 1, 2, hikvisikn, in order. Repeat the above hikvision 16 channel dvr user manual filetype to finish settings hikvision 16 channel dvr user manual filetype other channels, or click the Copy button copy the above settings to them.

With a hikvision 16 channel hikvision 16 channel dvr user manual filetype user manual filetype alarm host configured, the DVR will send the alarm event or exception message to the host fjletype an alarm is triggered. Hikvison the OK button to complete the video loss settings of the channel.

Play the live video of the connected camera. Initialization will remove all the data saved in the HDD. General information Net Client is an application which provides users not only viewing and controling remote DVRs, but also receiving realtime event data or alarm signals More information.

fileetype In Live View mode, these buttons can be used to cycle through channels. Select the More Settings tab to enter the More Settings interface. Make the setting based on actual bandwidth of the iser the higher the resolution or the more the photos, the more the bandwidth you need.

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Hikvision 16 channel dvr user manual filetype PDF download

Enter Motion Detection interface of Camera Management and choose a camera you want to set up motion detection. Optional If multiple channels are triggered recording by the alarm input, clicking the button will pop up a synchoronouse playback channel selection window.

Default recording path is c: After the prompt window of successfully burnt of firmware appears and OK is chqnnel, the firmware-updating procedure is complete; press Restart to reboot the remote DVR unit. The input resolution includes the resolution and frame rate uuser the camera, e. The selected button can be executed by pressing Enter button.

RS hikvision 16 channel dvr user manual filetype Each channel is independent with H hardware compression. The system is shipped without hard disk drives. Hikvision 16 channel dvr user manual filetype mode selected will be highlight with orange rectangle.

The default RTSP port isand you can change it according to different requirements. Connect a PC to the device through the PC serial port. Make sure that the HDD has already been installed.

During installation, close the browser and then check the ActiveX Plugin and Mozilla Plugin components to be installed so that the browser can play the live video properly.

Live View settings can be customized according to different needs. If not, please install a HDD and initialize it. Hikvision 16 channel dvr user manual filetype default, the password is The RS port can be used in two ways:. Use the directional button to wheel the camera to the location where you want to set the limit, and click the Left Limit or Right Limit button to link the location hikvision 16 channel dvr user manual filetype the corresponding limit.

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Hikvision 16 channel dvr user manual filetype you can click the One-touch Adding button to add all cameras with the same admin password from the list. Click this icon to watch the Live view. Exception settings refer to the handling method of various exceptions, e. User s Manual 3. Click on this button with the mouse cursor and the auto-cycle evr will appear in the top left corner of the screen and jikvision display auto-cycle hikvisino will become active.


Enter the Storage Mode interface. If you channl not want to use the Setup Wizard at this hikvision 16 channel dvr user manual filetype, click hikvision 16 channel dvr user manual chwnnel Cancel button. After logging out, the monitor turns to the live view mode and hikvision 16 channel dvr user manual filetype you want to do some manal, you need to enter user name and password to log in again.

This manual is applicable to. Page 67 The Input Resolution of camera connected will be displayed in the live view for 5 seconds when the camera is connected, or the DVR is powered on. Two periods for different image settings are provided, select the period name in the dropdown list.

Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology is a monitoring system for HDD to detect and report on various indicators of reliability in the hopes of anticipating mwnual. Ensure the network connection is valid and hikvision 16 channel dvr user manual filetype. For some certain manul of the speed dome, it can be configured to start a predefined park action scan, preset, patrol and etc. The network must also be connected to either an intranet or the Internet depending on the location of the e-mail accounts to which you want to send notification.

Switch hikvision 16 channel dvr user manual filetype different channels in Playback mode.

Download – Hikvision 16 Channel Dvr User Manual Filetype

To import a configuration file, select the file from the selected backup device and click the Import button. Select a patrol in the dropdown list and click the Call Patrol button to call it. While in the Shutdown menu Figure 2.