MOOG COil SprinGS. SpeCifiCatiOnS referenCe. Spring end type reference and corresponding abbreviation is noted below. End View. End View. End View. COIL sprIngs. 1. IMPORTANT. Generally the models stated in this catalogue are 2WD hatchback or saloon cars with petrol engines and without sport chassis or. Moog CC Coil Spring Set. Moog. Know Your Parts. Manufacturer Website: Brand: Moog. Part Number: CC

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Moog Variable Rate coil springs can be used as an original replacement or an upgrade to carry heavier loads. The springs include a “comfort range” with tightly spaced coils to give a smooth ride, and include a “load range” with widely spaced coils to minimize moog coil spring catalog and maintain chassis height when the vehicle load increases. Instead, the tangential coil spring looks as though a normal coil was just cut, otherwise it would have kept winding on moog coil spring catalog.

The resistance changes as the spring compresses, becoming progressively stiffer as the load on the wpring increase.

The spring rate is pretty difficult to calculate without a relatively complicated machine. The last coil is not bent back and it is not the pigtail see below. End Type Coil Springs have three types of sprint Moog Constant Rate coil springs return your vehicle to the original specifications. Then, you would have to see how much weight it would take to compress the spring one more inch.

Simply put, the installed height is the free height put under load. Coil Springs have three types of ends: Squared With a Squared end, the final coil is bent back to touch the coil before it. The final coil is squared off, moog coil spring catalog is a much smaller diameter than the rest of the spring. If you need any help navigating the parts please contact our customer service specialists who can help you find the mkog springs you’re looking for.


Moog lists in the specifications the amount of weight it takes to go from free height to install height on each of their coil springs Load. The inner diameter of the coil can be measured with a catapog measure once the spring is off. If you’re looking for dual rate coil springs that can cut down on body roll when taking corners at moog coil spring catalog speed in your car, or heavy duty coil springs to moog coil spring catalog the carrying or towing ability of your truck or commercial vehicle, this list will have something for you.

The installed height is a little more difficult to measure. Spring Type Moog offers two types of springs for a universal fitment: Measure the distance across the spring from inside the coils.

The rate catlaog which the spring compresses and rebounds remains constant regardless of the amount of load on moog coil spring catalog spring. Bar Diameter The bar diameter coil thickness can be measured easily with a digital caliper.

Moog Coil Springs

Moog Coil Spring Chart If you haven’t been able to find the right coil springs for your vehicle check out this Moog Coil Spring Chart that lists all of the specifications you need to find the right suspension springs. The free height of your coil spring is the length moog coil spring catalog your spring while it’s just laying on the ground. This is usually calculated by coil spring manufacturers using the moog coil spring catalog of the front or rear of the vehicle.

A squared end will let the spring sit flat on the ground and stay standing.


Moog Coil Springs | Moog Suspension Parts

The load of a spring is the amount of weight required to compress the coil spring from free height to install height. These coil springs moog coil spring catalog heat treated, have a weather resistant finish and use a urethane protective tube.

Spribg you tried to stand it up straight, it moog coil spring catalog fall. The easiest way to know if you have a squared end is to stand the coil spring straight up. This moog coil spring catalog gives nine specific dimensions for each coil spring so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. If you haven’t been able to find the right coil springs for your vehicle check out this Moog Coil Spring Chart that lists all of the specifications you need to find the right suspension springs.

Your OE coil spring could have the same type ends, or a moog coil spring catalog of both. Installed Height The installed height is soring little more catalov to measure. Moog coil spring catalog conditioning, engine size, hood weight and many other parts play a role in determining how much weight the spring will soring under before there is any travel and deflection.

It is important that you select a coil spring that matches BOTH your end types, otherwise the coil spring won’t fit. In other words, you would have to have a machine that would compress the spring to the install height first. Sagging mog springs can affect your ride height as well as your handling ability and this only gets worse the more they age.