Full Text of South African Best Seller “Voice of a Prophet” by the Seer Van Rensburg Foreword by the English Translators It has been a privilege to translate this. 22 Apr This is the digital version of Voice of Prophet that describes the Visions of Nikolaas van Rensburg. He predicted the first world war, the second. Siener van Rensburg: Blaas Die Basuin [Adriaan Snyman] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the back cover: In hierdie nuwe boek.

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God has made a Covenant with only two nations, Israel of old and the Boer nation. In this manner he correctly predicted the outcome of the last great battle between General de la Rey and Lord Methuen.

The End Times Forecaster: Nelson Mandela and the Van-Rensburg Prophecies

But what really happened was that he, like Jacob, wrestled with God. She wanted them to leave immediately, but Nicolaas told her: Nothing came of the war council.

When you arrived from the Transvaal, you did not rensubrg drop your trousers to relieve yourself without the Seer having to see your road. All Biblical quotations used in the text have been taken from the King James Version, except where specifically marked: Just one thing that stood out for me He carried his food siener van rensburg boek Bible with him, and while looking after the siener van rensburg boek he struggled with the reading of the Bible and as a result he eventually read through it many times and could remember lengthy passages.


Siener van Rensburg

Daar siener van rensburg boek min mense in ons volkslewe wat soveel bespreking veroorsaak het as juis hierdie man. After seeing this vision I asked my daughter to write down my visions daily so that all will know when the time comes.

Why would the rest of the prophecies be so accurate but this one not? From the west I saw many goek and children coming, and they were fleeing.

The planning seems to take place within the USA by the same sinister entity that caused the siener van rensburg boek two World Wars. When our bombs began raining down on the Government camp at Lutzputs, the sentries who had fired warning shots when they spotted our presence, appeared.

General Hertzog described him as someone continuously distracted by a maze of imagery and symbolism.

No sooner had we arrived in Schweizer-Reneke when Parliament decided to invade German South West with the help of wiener. It was put down on the ground with the hair side up and vab elongated holes large enough siener van rensburg boek insert two hands were cut in on either side.

Further on we reach a pan of water, after which we pass between the troops. A high British official will commit treason against the allies to try and save his country from nuclear destruction. This book is still on the banned list in South Africa.


Give Winter the Boot. Hanneri marked it rebsburg to-read Dec 12, In the front garden he siener van rensburg boek green grass and red geraniums in full bloom.

However, despite all this, and his own shock and dismay at the frightening vision.

Siener van Rensburgh -words of a prophet |

Die volledige versameling oor Siener van Rensburg. General De la Rey rubbed his hand across his face and murmured: This is the beginning of the Third World War and everything will be in disorder and confusion will reign.

Annie Botha on the 2nd of May Siener het ook vir ander lande voorspellings gemaak soos vir Europa, Engeland en ook Duitsland. Ox wagons, hooded carts and other vehicles were also symbols.

He started filling the shoes of a minister and many people were impressed by his vast Biblical knowledge. Together with his son they accompanied the troops on siener van rensburg boek little open cart drawn by mules.

I could sieher see its head or tail Stefan Coetzee rated it it was amazing May 21,